The Paparazzi Tabloid Series was completed as part of the three month residency at Kala in Berkeley, CA.  In March, 2009 the series was included in the exhibit "Oh, maybe..." held in conjunction with "Warhol Live" at the De Young museum in San Francisco, CA.  The final series of archival ink-jet prints consists of 2 editions of six panels 35 inches by 21 inches in size.  Each print is mounted on masonite.

Using the photographs taken by the paparazzi (hired for the series "Paparazzi Photographs" in2006) this series mimics the design and language found in tabloid magazines.  The images are closely cropped, the statistics vague, and the narratives are entertaining and overly dramatic.  While employing the tongue-in-cheek humor often found in their work, each story uniquely describes the struggles and the failures of contemporary artists.