The performance lasted just shy of fifty minutes, included a trust exercise in which an audience member assisted Isabel in doing a head-stand, and ended with the therapist announcing “that’s all we have time for right now, I think we made some break-thru’s.”

Lauded as their first real successful collaborative artwork, for Therapy (performed at Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco, CA  1998) the artists hired a couples' counselor to sit with them in the performance space and carry out a therapy session. 

Seated on a comfortable sofa beside the therapist's chair, and with a conspicuous microphone pointed away from them toward audience members, the artists spent the evening responding to questions asked by the MFT.  The questions contained somewhat with vague references to a "lack of understanding" or "an absence of trust".  As the performance continued, however, the therapist occasionally queried audience members, too, on how the artists' comments made them feel.  It eventually became clear to anyone watching that the problems being discussed were not between the artists themselves, but between Art and its audience.